Weight Management - The SUSTAIN Clinic

Our mission is to provide a safe and supportive environment for you to talk about weight. We focus on sustainable long term treatments to empower you to find your “Best Weight”.

Living with overweight and obesity is not due to lack of willpower or poor lifestyle choices.

Obesity is a genetically conferred, chronic and progressive neuroendocrine  disease that is heavily influenced by our environment. Our brain defends against weight loss and encourages weight regain by adapting the levels of hormones that regulate hunger and fullness as well as reducing our metabolism.

We all inherit a unique appetite system that was created to allow us to survive in a time when food was scarce. In the modern “obesogenic environment”, those who are genetically predisposed will struggle with excess weight.

Not every person who lives in a bigger body will experience health issues but if there is a problem (over 236 conditions have been linked with obesity) then we can improve health with as little as 5-10% reduction in weight.

The Sustain Clinic is physician led and focuses on non-judgemental, evidence based treatments including behavioural interventions, nutritional support and medication. Visits with our specialist doctor and dietician can be scheduled in-person or virtually. A wide range of programmes have been designed which vary in levels of intensity and intervention based on the needs and wishes of each individual.

Services We Offer our Patients:

- Initial: Doctor Assessment/Advice Consultation (45 mins) Cost €200 (if combined
with package below) or €225 (stand alone visit)

- Assist: Plus 1 Follow up Doctor visit (15 min): Cost €100

- Enhance: Plus 3 consultation - Week 4 (Dietician, 30 minutes), Week 8 (Dietician, 30 minutes) & Week 12 (Doctor, 15 minutes) Cost €300

- Thrive: Plus 5 consultations - Week 2 (Dietician, 30 minutes), Week 4 (Dietician, 30 minutes), Week 6 (Doctor, 15 minutes), Week 8 (Dietician, 30 minutes) & Week 12 (Doctor, 15 minutes) Cost €550

- Resolve: Plus 9 consultations - Week 1 (Dietician, 30 minutes), Week 2 (Dietician, 30 minutes), Week 30 (Doctor, 15 minutes), Week 5 (Dietician, 30 minutes), Week 7 (Dietician, 30 minutes), Week 9 (Doctor, 15 minutes), Week 11 (Dietician, 30 minutes), Week 15 (Dietician, 30 minutes) & Week 19 (Doctor, 15 minutes) Cost €950

Patients may self-refer or seek referral through their GP by phoning Sheehan Medical on (01) 280 6908 or emailing  reception@sheehanmedicalpractice.com