Vasectomy Clinic

Vasectomy is a safe, permanent solution to contraception for men, with the surgery usually performed under local anaesthetic. Down-time is minimal too.
What is a vasectomy?
Vasectomy is the male solution to contraception. It is the equivalent of tubal ligation in the female and is, in practice, a very similar procedure without the need for a general anaesthetic.  At The Vasectomy Clinic in Celbridge, we have been performing vasectomy procedures since 2001. The operation is performed in a relaxed general practice, outside normal surgery hours. If you wish to arrange a vasectomy consultation, do call us on (01) 513-0100.
How effective is a vasectomy?
The operation is extremely effective, with a very low failure rate. It is considered to be the most effective form of sterilisation, even more effective than tubal ligation in women.  However, as only some sperm is used in any one ejaculation, it may require upwards of 20 ejaculations to clear the tubes of all fertile sperm. It is best  to wait for four months before testing for effectiveness – wait between 16 and 18 weeks following your procedure.  It is essential that alternative forms of contraception are used following vasectomy until two clear specimens of seminal fluid are confirmed to show no sperm.
Preparation for vasectomy
Vasectomy should be considered a permanent solution and irreversible. Before the operation, you must have a physical exam to ensure that the tubes on each side are suitable for resection under local anaesthetic.

Occasionally, hernia operations or a history of undescended testes as a child may make operation under local anaesthetic inadvisable. A history of testicular pain is also a relative contra-indication for surgery, and should be discussed with the doctor before operation. It is however rare for surgery not to proceed for these reasons.
You are advised not to take aspirin or alcohol the night before or on the day of surgery, as this can increase the blood flow and result in increased bleeding. Otherwise, no particular preparation is required for the surgery. Wear supportive underpants rather than boxer shorts. There should be no difficulty in driving home following the procedure, although you are welcome to bring your partner.
When may I resume normal activities after vasectomy?
Following a vasectomy, you should rest as soon as possible after the procedure and undertake only essential activities. Try to sit and read or watch television for the rest of the day.  Sedentary activities around the house or indeed at work can be undertaken after 24 hours, but do not undertake even extensive walking for at least three days after the operation. Sexual activity can recommence whenever you feel comfortable, but it is advised to wait a few days.