Travel Vaccinations

Travelling should be an adventure, only not in a faraway hospital. Certain vaccinations are recommended for some countries, while others are mandatory.
Who needs travel vaccinations?

Those travelling overseas, especially to developing countries, may need vaccinating against a range of diseases, including illnesses caused by contaminated food or water, poor personal hygiene, or infected insects or animals.
If you’re travelling, visit your doctor to find out what vaccinations you need and when you need them, as it can take time for vaccines to be effective.
We provide a complete range of travel health care services and vaccinations including, but not limited to:
-   tetanus/ diphtheria
-   polio
-   hepatitis A
-   hepatitis B
-   measles/ mumps/ rubella (MMR)
-   typhoid
-   meningitis ACYW-135
-   rabies
-   varicella (chickenpox)
-   cholera (oral vaccine)
-   influenza (seasonal flu)
-   pneumococcal (PPV 23) vaccine
-   yellow fever 
-   whooping cough (pertussis).