The Children's Clinic

The Children's Clinic is a child and educational psychology service founded by two Senior Psychologists with over 40 years combined experience.

They provide psychological services for children from birth to 18 years whose parents have concerns about their development. These concerns may include not meeting developmental milestones, struggling in school or experiencing difficulites socialising with peers. As experts in the field of child development and disability, they offer a range of services to help with parents' concerns, including consultation sessions and best practice assessments. By working in partnership with parents, they also promote successful outcomes using a range of strengths based and solution focussed therapeutic interventions.

In addition to psychological services, The Children's Clinic provides best practice multi-disciplinary assessments (Speech & Language and/or Occupational Therapy) for autism spectrum disorders by a team of experts in the field.

The Children's Clinic has commenced it's wonderful service in many Centric Health practices.

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