Speech And Language Therapy

Speech and language disorders may severely impact quality of life in both children and adults.
Professional speech and language therapy can treat many issues. 
Can I get help with a speech disorder?
We understand how debilitating speech and language disorders can be, and how they can impact your quality of life every single day. We are here to help. Our speech and language therapists work with both adults and children who have communication difficulties, or trouble with eating, drinking or swallowing. However tough the struggle so far, we know that with the right therapy and treatment plan these communication difficulties can be treated, managed or overcome, so that you can be all you can be.

Our professional speech therapy service will tailor your unique treatment programme, treating you, or your child, in a supportive, confidential environment.
We can help with issues including:
-   aphasia
-   apraxia of speech
-   autism
-   cerebral palsy
-   child speech development
-   dyslexia
-   lisp
-   mutism
-   social skills/ communication skills
-   stammer.

We partner with Spectrum Health who operate the speech therapy services in our practices.