Skin Cancer Screening - Ennis Road Medical

kin Cancer is the most common cancer in Ireland and over 10,000 new cases are diagnosed each year.

All of our GPs are trained in the recognition of sinister skin lesions and will arrange removal or referral to a dermatology colleague if necessary.

A dedicated consultation is required in order to perform a comprehensive skin check and we advise that all adult patients consider having annual skin checks. We also encourage our patients to take note of any new or changing skin lesion and not ignore any skin spots they are concerned about. If in doubt - check it out!

Having worked as a GP in Australia for five years, Dr. Simon O'Connell has extensive experience in the diagnosis and management of skin cancer. He has completed postgraduate training and achieved a Certificate in Skin Cancer Medicine from the University of Queensland and is trained in the use of the dermatoscope for more accurate skin cancer detection.

He is able to biopsy, treat and remove a number of skin lesions and arrange assessment and further treatment by specialist dermatologist or surgical colleagues if necessary.

We encourage all our patients to be "sun smart". This includes wearing sunscreen even on cloudy days, wearing appropriate clothing including hats and sunglasses and avoiding sun beds. Further information and advice on skin cancer and skin protection can be found at