Physiotherapy Grafton Medical

The Physio at Grafton Medical Centre is Mr Colin Lloyd, MISCP, who has practiced in this clinic since 2004.  The practice is musculoskeletal physiotherapy with an emphasis on finding the reason why someone has pain or dysfunction and addressing the cause of the problem as much as treating the symptoms.  


Online booking:

To book an appointment online, please click

or phone us on 01 671 2122.


What happens if we go back into Level 5 Lockdown?

Physiotherapy is in the category of “Human health” and is considered an essential service. During April Guards were accepting physio appointments as a reason to travel.

At this point we will continue to do in person treatment, but will move to bigger gaps between sessions. Telehealth sessions are available should it become too difficult to travel to the practice.


COVID-19 Precautions

Since we are seeing people in clinic, please note the following guidelines have been given to us from the ISCP.


  • We will wear a surgical mask for all consultations.
  • We will (obviously) wash our hands between consultations
  • Alcohol disinfect after leaving and returning to the room
  • Since we are longer than 15 minutes together, we ask that all patients wear a surgical mask.
  • We will wear a face shield/goggles for any techniques that push air out of the chest.

Patient Guidelines

  • Waiting room: Our practice guidelines mean that the waiting room has only a few chairs. When you arrive go to the entry where a small table with hand disinfectant and masks. The door to the waiting room is locked. Call the clinic number and let the secretary know that you are here, and they will let you in if there is a free spot in the waiting room, or ask you to wait in the vestibule.
  • Changes of Circumstance: If your circumstances change – you have contact with a known COVID-19 case, or become symptomatic, please call before coming to the clinic. We will not penalise you for cancelling an appointment for these types of things!
  • Please bring your own mask if you have one. If you don’t have one we can supply one.
  • If you are coming from home, please shower before coming and put on a fresh set of clothes. Take those clothes off after returning home.
  • Expect that your temperature may be checked on entering the clinic.