Flu Vaccine

  •  Flu is highly contagious in Ireland, October to April annually.
  • The flu virus mutates every year which is why there is a new vaccine developed every year.
  •  Flu vaccination gives you and those around you the best chance of avoiding the flu.  
  •  From 11th December 2020, the HSE is providing FREE Flu vaccines to under 18’s and people in at-risk groups in our practice, both to protect them from the flu and differentiate between the flu and Covid 19.
  • You are in an at-risk group if you:
    • are 65 years of age and over
    • are pregnant
    • have a long-term medical condition – for example, a heart, lung, kidney or neurological disease or cancer
    • have a weak immune system – for example, if you have diabetes or you're having chemotherapy
    • live in a nursing home or other long-term care facility
    • are obese and have a body mass index (BMI) of over 40
    • are a child with a moderate to severe neurodevelopmental disorder such as cerebral palsy
    • were born with Down syndrome.
  • Covid 19 symptoms are like the Flu so if you get flu like symptoms and have not had a flu vaccine, your doctor may recommend a covid 19 test and self isolation pending results.  That means more home-schooling for kids and working/shopping/socialising remotely for everyone in the household, not just the person with symptoms!
  • We know no-one likes injections but our highly skilled healthcare teams are trained to minimise any discomfort ... Honest…  And under 19’s (and over 2's) get a nasal spray, no needles!
  • We ask all our brave flu vaccine patients to stay with us for 15 minutes after vaccination-even though the vaccine itself only takes 2 minutes-just to make sure you are ok and don't have any nasty reaction - rarely occurs but we like to look after you!
  • Flu vaccine availability for over 18's adults is limited in Ireland at the moment.  Nasal flu vaccines for under 19’s is in stock although we do expect high demand so please book your vaccine as soon as possible . As doctors, we receive priority supply as will our patients who have booked an appointment Since some patients do have an adverse reaction to vaccines, we would ask all our patients to attend us for flu vaccines - we are equipped to look after you if needed.

For more details or to book your flu vaccine, phone or email us using our contact form (top of this page). 


HSE guidelines on the Flu Vaccine 


Corporate vaccinations available - contact us for details.