Family Planning

When and how you have a family is your decision, thanks to modern contraception. Our friendly, confidential staff can help with all aspects of your sexual health.
What is family planning?
In a nutshell, family planning means birth control and contraception: the ability to determine if and when you want to have a family, and how big it should be. It is also concerned with your sexual health.
Our family planning service
Centric Health’s family planning service provides friendly and confidential advice in all aspects of birth
control and sexual health, for both men and women.  We help you to make informed decisions to stay healthy and safe.  We specialise in advice on contraception, women's health screening, and general sexual health
At our clinic we can assist if you are planning to have children, as well as with infertility management; we can advise, prescribe, or insert your informed choice of birth control, including Mirena Coil and Implanon; we offer sexual education; and we help with the prevention and management of sexually transmitted infections.