Aviation Medicals

All air crew and air traffic controllers require medical certification – also known as an aviation
medical – under European law. At Centric Health, we can help. 
Do you need an aviation medical?
Centric Health’s Dr Mary Gray is a certified EASA Aero-Medical Examiner (AME) offering aviation medicals including:

- Class 1 revalidation/ renewal

- Class 2
- Class 3 ATCOs revalidation/ renewal


- Cabin crew

Medicals can be performed up to 45 days before the expiry date of your current certificate
without affecting your next expiry date. For more information please visit EASA at
Make an appointment
To help avoid delays, when you book please let our reception staff know which medical you
require, and whether you are due an ECG or audiogram. You do not need to fast before the
For your appointment, please bring:
-   your most recent medical certificate
-   photo ID e.g. driving licence or passport (if it is your first visit)
-   your most recent prescription from your optician if you wear glasses or contact lenses,
especially if there have been changes since your last medical
-   your contact lens case, if wearing lenses, as eyesight needs to be checked both with and
without them
-   and, if you’ve had medical tests since your last aviation medical, bring any results/
reports. Your GP should be able to provide you with these.