Antibody Test for Covid -19

In response to requests from our patients and local businesses, we can now offer the Roche test for the Coronavirus Covid -19 Antibody Serology Blood Test.

Price - €90

This antibody test is one of the most accurate antibody tests available, reported as over 99.8% accurate under hospital conditions. It requires patients to undergo a blood test which is then analysed within 5 days. Results of the test are returned directly to the patient via email.

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The process for being tested for Covid-19 Antibodies is as follows:


Step One

Physical attendance at the practice is necessary to take this test and consequently we must ask all patients requesting this test to first complete our COVID Symptom Form as a precaution to protect your fellow patients, as well as our doctors and other staff members.


Step Two

All patients who wish to have the Covid-19 antibody test are asked to download, read, sign and bring this information sheet with you when you attend for testing so that the limitations of this test and information regarding test results are understood and accepted. We also provide this sheet in the practice as needed.


Step Three

Having completed steps 1 and 2 please contact your doctor by phone or email for an appointment for the actual test.


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Corporate Clinical Testing

Our specialist clinical team, Centric Specialist Care, is available to arrange Corporate testing at workplace venues or at appointed practices convenient to patients - for further details please contact:

Centric Specialist Care

Ph: 01 2993555

Fax: 01 5240194

Email: specialistcare@centrichealth.ie