Worn Teeth

Over time teeth wear down, but acids in the diet (e.g. from fruit juices and carbonated drinks), stomach acid (from reflux or vomiting) and grinding teeth at night speeds up the amount of wear and tear.

Finding out and addressing the cause of the wear on teeth helps to ensure we keep our teeth for life.

If grinding teeth in your sleep (bruxism) is the cause of wear and tear, we can make a custom night guard (which is like a gum shield) to protect the teeth. Most people notice they are grinding their teeth if a sleeping partner wakes upon hearing it in the night, or in the morning they have a stiff jaw or aching muscles around the jaw joint or a tension headache.

In severe cases the teeth may need to be built up with fillings or crowns.

A regular visit to your dentist will help ensure teeth wear and tear is treated before it causes irreversible damage.