Children's Teeth

Many people ask what age to start bringing their children to the dentist.

Most babies start getting their first baby tooth at around 6 months old (this can vary) so 12 months old is a good age to come in so we can check the mouth is developing normally.

Early visits help a child to get use to the smells and surroundings of the dental surgery and build a relationship with the dental team. If treatment is needed at any stage, it is usually tolerated better in children who have been to a dentist before as they are familiar with us and the surroundings.

Fissure sealants are often recommended for children on both milk teeth and their later permanent teeth, to help prevent cavities.  This is particularly important if children have a sugary diet or unsmooth biting surfaces on molars and premolars .

Up into the early teens, children's mouths go through a lot of changes so seeing the dentist regularly allows us to check for any problems and intervene at the correct time (e.g for braces), helping to prevent more costly and interventionist treatment later on.