Vaccinations & Immunisations

Vaccinations & Immunisations

We provide a full range of vaccinations and travel immunisations for our patients, babies, teens, adults, world travellers!


We participate in the Under 6’s programme for children of existing patients and you can find detailed information and registration information here. We also provide a comprehensive range of vaccinations including:

  • Flu vaccine
  • Pneumonia vaccine
  • Shingles Vaccine

Travel Vaccines and Advise

We provide travel healthcare advise and travel vaccines for any destination for our globe trotters. We ask you to talk to us well before travelling to far flung destinations-especially developing countries. Many travel vaccinations take up to 12 weeks to provide immunity and some take up to 6 months. We want our patients to come home safe and sound so make sure to give yourself plenty of time to prepare for an illness free holiday.