Centric Health Pre-registration form for Covid 19 Vaccine

Centric Health is pre-registering patients for the Covid 19 vaccine in advance of its allocation by the HSE. The benefit to patients is that it will allow all Centric Health GP practices to plan and administer Covid 19 vaccines to patients in a timely, organised and safe manner once HSE roll out begins.

Once patients are pre-registered, they will be kept informed by email as to when their vaccine injection will be booked as outlined by the HSE and any other important updates and information.  As this vaccine is a scarce resource, an understanding of the volume of interest in innoculation will help prevent wastage of vaccine allocations and enable more accurate allocation.  Pre-registration for the Covid 19 vaccine is available here.

Please note, as scam texts and emails are in circulation, we want you to know we use a legitimate online form builder called Woofoo to build our form so if you see reference to it in our form or subsequent emails, do not worry.

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